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Bespoke Eulogies: No Templates, Just Stories

We never use templates in our eulogy writing process. Our dedicated team of writers crafts every eulogy from scratch, focusing on the unique person's life story and cherished memories. Whether it's the funny story your father told at every family gathering, or the song lyric that always made your best friend smile, we'll work with you to create a meaningful eulogy that truly honors your loved one.

Unlimited Revisions: We Fine-Tune Until It Feels Right

We understand that capturing the essence of a person's life in a single speech can be challenging. That's why we offer unlimited revisions to ensure that every detail is perfect, and every memory is honored. Whether it's adding a funny story about the deceased person, changing a tribute to a close friend, or highlighting career achievements, we'll revise until you feel it's right.

Money-Back Guarantee: Our Commitment to Your Satisfaction

We're confident in our ability to deliver a well-written eulogy that brings comfort and closure. However, if you're not completely satisfied with our service, we offer a money-back guarantee. This is our commitment to your peace of mind during this difficult time.

Expert Eulogy Writers: Professional, Compassionate, Experienced

At MemoryCherish, our team of expert eulogy writers brings more than just writing skills to the table. We understand that writing a funeral speech during a time of loss is a delicate task. That's why our team is committed to bringing empathy, skill, and a deep understanding of the grieving process to each project. With decades of experience in crafting meaningful eulogies, we ensure every word pays the right tribute to your loved one's life.

How It Works: Crafting Your Brother's Eulogy

Step 1: Share Your Stories

Our process begins by asking you questions about your brother. We want to learn about her personality, their cherished memories, their favorite memories, and their life embodied. We'll take the time to understand the nuances that made them special to you.

Step 2: Crafting the Eulogy

Next, our professional eulogy writers weave your memories and stories into a draft eulogy. We'll incorporate key points, such as personal anecdotes, a tribute to your brother's life, and reflections on their impact on their friends and family.

Step 3: Review and Revise

Once the draft is complete, we share it with you for review. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to write a eulogy. We encourage you to take your time and ask for any changes you feel necessary.

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What Our Clients Say

We take pride in providing a service that brings comfort and closure to our clients during their time of grief. Through our eulogy writing service, we’ve had the esteemed honor of helping countless family members and close friends pay a heartfelt tribute to their departed loved ones. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from those we’ve had the privilege to assist:

"Writing a eulogy for my brother was incredibly tough. I was consumed by sadness and felt completely lost. I struggled to find the right words to express my emotions. That's when I discovered MemoryCherish. Their team was incredibly kind and understanding. They helped me celebrate my brother's passion for music, his infectious laughter, and the deep bond we shared as siblings. The final eulogy was absolutely perfect. It truly captured the essence of my brother and provided solace during a challenging time. I'm immensely grateful to MemoryCherish."
- Martha O'Reilly
55, Retired Schoolteacher
"Losing my brother felt like a devastating blow. I was entrusted with the responsibility of writing his eulogy, but the weight of it was overwhelming. How could I possibly convey all the love and wisdom my brother embodied in just a few minutes? Then I found MemoryCherish. They didn't just write a speech; they truly understood who my brother was, his zest for life, and the guidance he provided. It felt personal and authentic. It was exactly what I needed. MemoryCherish helped me honor my brother in a way that he truly deserved."
- Jackson Perez
32, Entrepreneur
"I was really struggling to find the right words to write a eulogy for my brother. It was incredibly difficult to articulate my feelings during such a heartbreaking time. I decided to turn to MemoryCherish, hoping they could provide assistance. And they exceeded my expectations. They crafted a eulogy that was deeply touching and authentically portrayed my brother's strength and kindness. They captured everything that made my brother unique and the profound impact he had on everyone. With MemoryCherish's help, I was able to give my brother the tribute he deserved. I am forever grateful for their support."
- Amelia Chen
28, Financial Analyst

About Us

Our Journey as Eulogy Writers

Our journey began with a simple mission: to honor the lives of the deceased and support their family members through the grieving process. With each eulogy we write, we are reminded of the profound impact a person's life can have on their loved ones. From career achievements to personal anecdotes, every life is a story worth telling.

As we've grown and evolved, we've had the privilege of helping numerous families find solace in preserving their loved one's memories. Each funeral speech we write is a testament to the beautiful complexity of a person's life and the legacy they leave behind.

Our Commitment to Helping You

Our commitment extends beyond writing a eulogy. We understand the daunting task of public speaking, especially during a funeral or memorial service. That's why we offer guidance on how to deliver a eulogy speech with poise and confidence.

We emphasize the importance of speaking slowly and clearly, so that every cherished memory, every funny story, every tribute to the deceased person resonates with friends and family. We believe in the therapeutic power of sharing favorite memories, of shedding light on the person's life, and of saying that final goodbye.

Our Team of Compassionate and Experienced Writers

Meet our team of professional eulogy writers who bring empathy, understanding, and skill to every eulogy they write. Our writers are available 24/7, ready to listen, to empathize, and to transform your memories into a meaningful eulogy. Their expertise goes beyond writing funeral speeches. They are your partners in the grieving process, offering comfort and understanding during this challenging time. Whether it's recalling a funny thing your mom gave you or sharing a father telling stories, our writers ensure your eulogy is a beautiful tribute to your loved one's life.

It's never easy to write about death, but our team is committed to helping you navigate through this difficult task. We understand that there's no right or wrong way to grieve, and we're here to provide a comforting presence as you pay tribute to your loved one. Let us help you create a eulogy that captures the essence of your loved one's life, one that not only serves as a remembrance speech but also aids in your healing journey.

Paying Tribute: Your Brother Deserves the Best

Every life embodied unique experiences, and every eulogy should reflect that. That's why we dedicate our skills and understanding to writing a eulogy that truly honors your loved one. We pay close attention to the key points you want to include, be it a funny story, a song lyric, or a career achievement. We strive to create a great eulogy that not only pays tribute to the deceased but also offers solace to the grieving family and friends. We believe that every life story deserves the best tribute, and we're here to help you create just that.

Funeral Speech Examples:
A Glimpse into Our Craft

At MemoryCherish, we take pride in our ability to capture the essence of a person’s life in a touching eulogy. Here, you can explore some eulogy examples that showcase our craft and commitment to honoring every individual’s unique life story.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today, we gather to honor and celebrate the life of a remarkable man who touched our hearts in ways that words alone cannot capture. My brother, Matthew “Matt” Anderson, was not just a brother to me; he was my guiding light, my inspiration, and my unwavering source of love and support.

Matt was the epitome of strength, resilience, and kindness. From a young age, he faced adversity with unwavering courage, never allowing life’s challenges to define him. He had a spirit that could not be broken, a heart that overflowed with compassion, and a smile that could light up even the darkest of days.

Matt was a beacon of hope, a ray of sunshine in a world that often seemed dim. He possessed an innate ability to lift the spirits of those around him, to offer a shoulder to lean on, and to lend a listening ear. He had a profound impact on everyone he met, leaving an indelible mark on their lives.

As children, Matt was my protector, my confidant, and my partner in crime. We navigated the ups and downs of life together, creating memories that would shape the course of our lives. Whether it was building elaborate forts in the backyard or embarking on daring adventures through the neighborhood, Matt was always by my side, urging me to embrace the joys of life with an open heart.

Matt had a zest for life that was infectious. He approached every day with a sense of wonder, as if each moment held the potential for something extraordinary. He taught me to appreciate the simple pleasures, to find beauty in the mundane, and to live each day to its fullest.

But life, as it often does, presented Matt with unexpected challenges. He faced health battles that would have tested the resolve of the strongest among us. Yet, he never allowed his circumstances to define him. Instead, he approached each setback with remarkable courage, never losing his sense of humor or his unwavering faith.

Matt’s strength in the face of adversity was a testament to the depth of his character. He taught us that true strength is not measured by physical prowess, but by the resilience of the spirit. He showed us that even in the darkest of times, there is a light within us that can never be extinguished.

Beyond his strength, Matt had a heart that overflowed with love. He had an uncanny ability to see the best in people, to offer compassion without judgment, and to extend a helping hand to those in need. He was a champion for the underdog, a voice for the voiceless, and a beacon of hope for those who had lost their way.

Matt’s love was unconditional, unwavering, and transformative. He taught us the power of forgiveness, the importance of empathy, and the beauty of true connection. He had a way of making each person he encountered feel seen, heard, and valued. His love knew no bounds and left an indelible imprint on our souls.

As we gather here today, surrounded by the memories of a life well-lived, I am filled with a bittersweet mix of emotions. There is profound sadness in knowing that Matt is no longer physically with us, that his infectious laugh and warm embrace are now memories etched in our hearts. But there is also gratitude, gratitude for the time we had, for the lessons he taught us, and for the immeasurable love he shared.

Matt, my beloved brother, your absence leaves an ache in our hearts that can never be filled. But we will carry your spirit with us, woven into the fabric of our lives. We will honor your memory by living with the same strength, kindness, and love that you exemplified.

Rest in peace, dear Matt. May you find eternal peace.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today, we gather to honor and remember a man who was both a blessing and a challenge in our lives. My brother, Benjamin “Ben” Thompson, was a complex individual who walked a path less traveled, leaving behind footprints that were etched in both love and difficulty.

Ben was not an easy person to understand or connect with. He carried within him a storm of emotions, a tempest that raged in his heart and mind. He was a man of contradictions, his actions sometimes shrouded in mystery, his words often veiled in silence. But despite the difficulties he presented, Ben was my brother, and today, I want to focus not on the challenges but on the love we shared.

Growing up, Ben was the enigma of our family. He possessed a restless spirit, a hunger for adventure that propelled him to explore the world beyond the confines of our hometown. While the rest of us were content with the familiar, Ben sought out the unknown, seeking thrills and excitement in every corner of the globe. He was a modern-day wanderer, a troubadour of the soul.

Ben’s wanderlust took him to distant lands, where he would immerse himself in different cultures, soak up the beauty of foreign landscapes, and form connections with people from all walks of life. He was a seeker of experiences, constantly searching for meaning and purpose in a world that often felt elusive and unfathomable.

Yet, amidst his worldly pursuits, Ben carried the weight of his own inner battles. He was plagued by demons that whispered in his ear, casting shadows over his spirit. He struggled with his own identity, with finding his place in a world that seemed at odds with his restless soul. And while his struggles created distance between us, they also made me realize the depth of his pain.

Ben had a heart that yearned for connection, even as he pushed others away. He had a desire for intimacy, for understanding, but he struggled to find the words to express his innermost thoughts and feelings. He built walls around himself, shielding his vulnerability from the world, fearing rejection and judgment.

But there were moments, fleeting moments, when Ben’s true self shone through. It was in those moments that I glimpsed the beauty and fragility of his soul. It was in those moments that I saw the love he held for his family, the tenderness he had for those closest to him. They were moments that filled my heart with hope, that made me believe that there was a path to healing, to understanding.

Ben was a man of immense talent. He had a creative spirit that flowed through his veins, a gift for capturing the world’s beauty through his art. His paintings were a window into his soul, a reflection of the depth and complexity of his emotions. They revealed a side of Ben that he often kept hidden, a side that was vulnerable, raw, and achingly beautiful.

In his own way, Ben taught me the value of empathy and compassion. He showed me that love is not always easy, that it sometimes requires patience, understanding, and the willingness to see beyond the surface. He reminded me that everyone carries their own burdens, their own battles, and that a gentle touch, a kind word, can have a profound impact on a wounded soul.

Today, as we say our final goodbyes to Ben, I choose to focus not on the difficulties, but on the love that flowed between us. I choose to remember the moments of connection, the shared laughter, the unspoken understanding. I choose to remember the beauty of his art, the depth of his emotions, and the love he held within.

Ben, my dear brother, your journey was a tumultuous one, filled with highs and lows, joys and sorrows. While we may never fully comprehend the depths of your struggles, we can honor your memory by embracing the love, the creativity, and the passion that defined you. We can strive to be more understanding, more compassionate, more willing to see the beauty that lies within the complexities of others.

Rest in peace, Ben. May your restless soul find the peace and solace it longed for. May your art continue to touch hearts and inspire others. And may the love we shared carry on, a testament to the bond that transcends the difficulties we faced.

Goodbye, my difficult brother. I will cherish the memories we shared, the lessons you taught, and the love that forever resides within my heart. You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten.

Ladies and gentlemen, friends, family, and all those who have gathered here today to celebrate the life of our dearly departed brother, Thomas Jefferson Smith. I stand before you, humbled and honored, to pay tribute to a man whose wit, charm, and unyielding love for practical jokes has left an indelible mark on each and every one of us.

Tom, as we affectionately called him, was born on a snowy winter’s day in the quaint little town of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. As the youngest of seven siblings, he quickly learned the art of survival – specifically, how to dodge flying objects, wrestle for the last piece of pie, and, most importantly, always have the last laugh.

Growing up, Tom was quite the character. I remember one time, after a particularly heavy snowfall, he went out and built an army of snowmen, complete with helmets and brooms as weapons. Then he convinced the entire neighborhood that an invasion was imminent. The panic was real until everyone realized it was just another one of Tom’s elaborate pranks. But that was Tom – always finding humor in everything and making people laugh.

As we got older, Tom’s sense of humor only grew stronger. He had a knack for turning any situation into a comedy routine. When our parents asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he replied, “I’m going to be a professional thumb wrestler.” And you know what? He almost made it to the national championships.

Despite his love for humor, Tom was also a man of great intelligence and determination. He attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he earned a degree in anthropology. This led to his fascination with ancient cultures and their burial rituals, which, in turn, inspired some of his best comedic material. Who knew that mummification could be so hilarious?

Tom’s wit and intelligence were matched only by his kindness and generosity. He was the kind of person who would give you the shirt off his back, even if it meant he’d be left standing there in the freezing cold, wearing nothing but his favorite Hawaiian shirt. And let’s not forget the time he drove 200 miles in the middle of the night to help a friend who had run out of gas. That’s just the kind of brother Tom was – always there for you, no matter the circumstances.

His love for adventure knew no bounds. Tom was an avid traveler, having visited over 30 countries during his lifetime. He once told me that his favorite destination was the small town of Dingle, Ireland. It was there that he discovered his love for Irish music and dance. He would often regale us with stories of his escapades in the local pubs, where he’d charm the locals with his quick wit and impressive rendition of “Danny Boy.”

But perhaps the most memorable aspect of Tom’s life was his unwavering love for his family. He was a devoted husband to his beautiful wife, Susan, and a doting father to their three wonderful children, Jack, Emily, and Lily. His eyes would light up whenever he spoke about them, and there was nothing he wouldn’t do to ensure their happiness and well-being.

Tom was also a beloved uncle to his many nieces and nephews, who will forever cherish the memories of their “crazy Uncle Tom.” Whether it was dressing up as Santa Claus on Christmas Eve or staging elaborate Easter egg hunts, Tom’s dedication to bringing joy and laughter to his family was unmatched.

And then there was his relationship with us, his siblings. Tom was more than just a brother – he was our confidant, our partner in crime, and our best friend. He taught us how to laugh at ourselves, how to find humor in even the darkest of times, and how to truly live life to the fullest. We will forever be grateful for the time we spent with him and the lessons he taught us.

As we gather here today to say our final goodbyes, let us not dwell on the sadness of Tom’s passing, but rather, let us celebrate the incredible life that he lived. Let us remember the laughter, the love, and the joy that he brought to each and every one of us.

In closing, I’d like to share a quote that I believe perfectly encapsulates the essence of our beloved brother, Thomas Jefferson Smith:

“Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile.” – Mark Twain

Tom, you were the embodiment of this quote, and your memory will live on in our hearts, always making us smile. Rest in peace, dear brother, and may your spirit continue to fill our lives with laughter and love.

Thank you all for being here to honor Tom’s memory.

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Here, we address common questions and concerns about the process of crafting a eulogy, public speaking at a funeral, and more.

Our team of eulogy writers at MemoryCherish is experienced and professional, with over 47 years of combined experience crafting heartfelt eulogies. Our US-based writers take pride in their ability to capture the true essence of your loved one, weaving in memories and stories to create a fitting tribute for the memorial service.

We encourage you to explore other eulogy writers online to ensure that you are making an informed decision. At MemoryCherish, we stand out for our personalized and compassionate approach to eulogy writing, our quick turnaround times, and unlimited revisions until you are completely satisfied with the final product. We also offer sample eulogies on our website to show you the quality of our work.

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At MemoryCherish, we understand that every person’s life story is unique, which is why we work closely with you to gather information about your loved one. Our empathetic eulogy writers will provide a questionnaire to fill out and submit to ensure that every detail is captured accurately.

At MemoryCherish, we pride ourselves on providing personalized and unique eulogies for every client. Our writers never use a template or fill in the blanks. Instead, we take the time to get to know your loved one’s life, accomplishments, and personality to create a fitting tribute.

At MemoryCherish, we aim to write eulogies that are around a thousand words in length, with additional length available if more content is provided. The best eulogies tend to be around seven to ten minutes when read aloud at the funeral or memorial service, fitting the length of our eulogy speeches.

At MemoryCherish, our empathetic and compassionate writers work to ensure that the eulogy reflects your loved one’s life, personality, and values. We take the time to get to know you and your loved one, allowing us to create a eulogy that resonates with you and your family members.

Of course! We at MemoryCherish understand that writing a eulogy can be difficult, especially in a time of loss. If you have already written a eulogy and need help refining and editing it, our empathetic writers can assist you. Simply fill out our questionnaire, highlight the parts you want to improve on and send us the eulogy, and we will edit it and get it back to you promptly. Our standard fee applies.

We pride ourselves on offering unlimited revisions to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final eulogy. If there are any changes you’d like to make to the eulogy, let us know, and we’ll make those changes promptly.

At MemoryCherish, our experienced and professional eulogy writers charge just $197 to write your eulogy. Other companies charge between $300-$800 for the same service.